Model of Care

“My husband was able to start at the center last week. He adapted with no issues. He even said he had fun. What a relief it is to me.”

– J. Brown

Alzheimer's Community Care provides specialized services and resources for Alzheimer’s families within the local community. Alzheimer's Community Care's goals are maintaining quality of life after a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, and assisting caregivers in caring for their loved ones at home for as long as possible, thus delaying or avoiding nursing home placement.

Alzheimer's Community Care's safety net of wraparound services and resources includes direct patient care, support for the caregiver, along with community education and training:

The Alzheimer's Community Care model of care is founded upon evidence-based, dementia-specific principles that are integrated into every aspect of the organization, beginning with the mission statement. All staff members receive specialized training regardless of their job responsibilities in order to gain an understanding of the needs of those affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Both patients and caregivers are viewed as primary recipients of care.

In Alzheimer's Community Care's vision statement, the organization pledges to:

  • Be the ultimate resource that specializes in dementia-specific care throughout the disease process and provides a safe haven for both caregivers and patients
  • Be change-agents so that human dignity becomes a fundamental aspect of all dementia-specific treatment
  • Maintain a leadership role in providing Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders services and resources

To help support these services, and the thousands of patients and families Alzheimer's Community Care helps every day, please visit the donation page.  


We place a safety net around patients and caregivers every day. ™


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