Caregiver Support Groups

“You were always there for us and were a wonderful support system. I have never met such caring, sincere people. You were my lifesavers.”

When someone becomes a caregiver to an individual afflicted with Alzheimer's disease or a related disorder, their relationship with their loved one will change. Their role will evolve from spouse, or child, or relative to caregiver. They will take on new responsibilities in their home, such as paying the bills or doing the taxes. They will face the considerable responsibility of taking care of their loved one's medical issues and emotional struggles.

Caregivers also must deal with their own emotions and grief as their relationship changes and their loved one faces this difficult disease. This situation can be overwhelming.

Alzheimer's Community Care has established Caregiver Support Groups throughout our community to help people better cope with these complex issues. These groups, listed below, provide an opportunity for people in similar circumstances to develop relationships and support systems, as well as to receive accurate information on how best to cope and live with this disease. 



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