Case Management
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Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Case Managers are often called the gatekeepers at Alzheimer's Community Care.  Although this term is accurate, to a family in need the Case Manager is much more; they are their advocate and support system. Case Managers work with families with financial need to determine their eligibility for funding.

Whether this funding is provided by the state, local government entities or through private funds secured by Alzheimer's Community Care, these funds are critical to protect the well being of the patients and caregivers.

Alzheimer's Community Care's Case Managers work closely with the family, determine their individual needs and bring them together with other agencies that provide additional services and resources. The Case Manager also provides much needed guidance in helping families and caregivers successfully apply for financial assistance through government entities.

Case Managers bring together the people in need, with services and resources available, and connect them with the financial assistance to pay for these special needs. 


Alzheimer's Community Care is proudly supported by our friends and partners in the community.