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Fiscal Year 2019-2020

According to the World Health Organization the number of people living with dementia worldwide is currently estimated at 35.6 million. This number will double by 2030 and more than triple by 2050. Many times, a patient with Alzheimer's disease is misdiagnosed, or never diagnosed and left untreated. All too often, this lack of diagnosis results in a deterioration of health and a greater cost to patients.

The Family Nurse Consultant (FNC) program serves as a lifeline for families in Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties who are living with Alzheimer's disease and related neurocognitive disorders. Our FNCs provide caregivers with the support, tools and resources needed to continue providing home-based care for their loved ones.

The Family Nurse Consultants' primary role is to provide potential interventions, available resources, possible measures and outcomes at key stages in the disease's progression. Interventions and needs assessments implemented throughout all stages of dementia are critical; this is the path to improving the quality of life and care for Alzheimer's patients.

To meet with a Family Nurse Consultant, please call (561) 683-2700 or send Alzheimer's Community Care an email. You may also reach out to the Family Nurse Consultant in your area, listed below.


Family Nurse Consultants are the conduits for comprehensive services that are dementia specific. Included in these services are education and training for the caregiver. Alzheimer's Community Care focuses on understanding patients' behaviors, anticipating issues, developing crisis prevention strategies by proactively managing emerging issues from stage to stage in the disease process and providing respite for the caregiver.  

Alzheimer's Community Care's Family Nurse Consultant program helps delay nursing home placement, helps to reduce physician office and emergency room visits and helps to mitigate the impact of care giving around the clock.


Family Nurse Consultants are skilled, trained, educated and experienced with families living with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders. They help to ensure that the home is safe for the patient and caregiver, and help to put plans in place in order to maintain that safety. Whether it is education on Florida's Silver Alert program or the ID Locator Service program, the Family Nurse Consultant provides options and resources for families to keep their loved ones safe.



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