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Fiscal Year 2019-2020

The Alzheimer’s Community Care ID Locator Service provides an additional safety net tool for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and related neurocognitive disorders who may wander away from a safe and supervised setting.  This program partners with SafetyNet Tracking Systems and Law Enforcement agencies to assist in a wandering event within our three service territories of Palm Beach, Martin and St Lucie counties. 

Through our Family Nurse Consultants, the patient and caregiver are deemed eligible for the ID Locator Service.  The ID Locator Team receives the referral, conducts the enrollment process and then secures the SafetyNet equipment.  Utilizing radio frequency technology, patients are fitted with the device worn like a watch.  Rescue personnel can track their assigned frequency signal on the ground within a mile radius and 5-7 miles via helicopter when necessary.  

This technology, unlike cellular and GPS technology, assists rescue personnel to track a patient’s signal through concrete buildings, shallow water and densely wooded areas.  Prompt location of the patient is essential because 80 percent of those missing for more than 72 hours will not survive the event. 

Please contact your local Family Nurse Consultant to discuss tips on preventing wandering and disease driven behaviors.

 60% of all Alzheimer's patients will wander sometime during the disease process


SafetyNet Tracking Systems

Safety Measures for Patients at Risk of Wandering

ID Locator Brochure

Family Nurse Consultants

Caregiver Support Groups


“I am ever so grateful for that (ID Locator Service) because I have peace of mind knowing my loved one is safe.” - Caregiver

“The equipment has not failed us yet. Typically, once we grab that signal, it’s only minutes untill they’re in our protection.” - Law Enforcement

“When someone goes missing, every second counts. The ID Locator Service works fast to save precious time and precious lives.” - Law Enforcement

“This is at the top of the list as far as tools that we leverage within our department.” - Law Enforcement

“It is through partnerships like this that allow for success stories such as the rescue of missing people at risk as a result of dementia, Alzheimer’s and other cognitive conditions. SafetyNet Tracking Systems is proud to be associated with Alzheimer’s Community Care and looks forward to continued success together.” - President/CEO, SafetyNet Tracking Systems


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