SociAlz - a digital communication initiative from Alzheimer's Community Care

What is SociAlz®?

SociAlz® is Alzheimer's Community Care's digital initiative to educate our most important stakeholders – YOU! SociAlz® allows us to connect directly with the public so we can share the latest news, tips, tools, ideas, images and activities. SociAlz® gives you the ability to customize your digital communication with Alzheimer’s Community Care so that you only get the information that you need.


Alzheimer's Community Care Magazine Digital Edition is Available

The Alzheimer's Community Care Magazine Digital Edition on an Apple iPad.

The same great articles and features you love, now available on all of your electronic devices. Subscribe to the digital edition of Alzheimer’s Community Care Magazine to help the Organization reduce costs and better support the services provided to patients and their caregivers.

Each quarter you will receive an email with the latest edition ready to download.

Please visit to subscribe or verify your preferences.

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