Specialized Alzheimer's Care & Service Centers

What is a Specialized Alzheimer’s Adult Day centers

ONE staff per FIVE patients

Alzheimer’s Community Care’s Program Nurses and staff are dementia-care specialists, with ongoing training in Alzheimer’s Disease and related neurocognitive disorders. The Organization maintains a staff-to-patient ratio of 1-to-5 to ensure each patient receives the individualized care needed. Program Nurses monitor patient nutrition and hydration, administer medications, evaluate health status, respond to medical needs and ensure that patients are involved in their care to their maximum benefit every day. Our staff provide therapeutic activities in a safe and secure environment, while providing peace of mind and a break in the day for the family caregiver. Other services that may be provided at the center include ID Locator and Family Navigator.

Who Can Attend the Center?

Anyone living with Alzheimer’s disease or another neurocognitive disorder may be eligible to attend the Day Center. To find out more call 561-683-2700 to speak to a Family Navigator.

What Does it Cost?

The cost for a full day, up to 10 hours, is $120 and a ½ day plan is at $90. There are a variety of payment options available including The Veteran Administration, Medicaid, scholarships, long-term care insurance and private pay. Your Family Navigator and Case Manager can provide further assistance as needed.

What Happens at the Center Each Day?

Patients who attend the Day Centers enjoy breakfast, lunch, and a snack together each day. The days include therapeutic activities including pet therapy, art therapy, music therapy, socialization, and physical exercise.

What does a Day Center Look Like?

Our 12 centers are designed to provide the tools for Alzheimer’s patients and family caregivers to maintain their quality of life. In order to accomplish this, patients receive comprehensive dementia-specific care, which lessens the impact of behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s disease


Patients receiving care & Caregivers receiving respite


Hours of care provided


Patients who exited daycare DID NOT enter a nursing home

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