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Alzheimer’s Community Care Is Dedicated To Promoting And Providing Community-Based, Family-Centered Care For Patients And Their Caregivers Living With Neurocognitive Disorders, Through The Belief, Where There Is Help, There Is Hope.


Estimated Cases Currently Living with Alzheimer's Disease in Palm Beach County


Currently Living with Alzheimer's Disease in Florida

5.8 Million

Currently Living with Alzheimer's Disease in America

Our Vision

We pledge ourselves to maintain a leadership role in providing resources and services for families with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.

We pledge ourselves to be the ultimate resource that specializes in dementia-specific care throughout the disease process and to provide a safe haven for both caregivers and patients.

We pledge ourselves to be change agents so that human dignity becomes a fundamental aspect of all dementia-specific treatment.

Our Values

Staff and Board members designated these six values as the embodiment of what we stand for collectively as an Organization. They are the guiding principles about the way we work and the basis for our decisions about what is important to succeed in fulfilling our mission.


We serve others by bringing about the desired improvement in the well-being of individuals, groups, and neighborhoods. Our efforts and relationships are unified in purpose and action to address the issues that affect patients and caregivers.


We practice acts of empathy and kindness when providing services and care. We understand the human condition of the disease through specialized training, and seek to preserve a quality of life for patients and caregivers throughout the duration of the disease process.


We are honest, trustworthy, and conduct ourselves with the highest standards of ethics. We are committed to providing service that is courteous, responsive, and contributes to a positive experience for patients, caregivers, volunteers, and fellow employees.


We faithfully commit to fulfilling the organization’s mission by serving and supporting others. We expect from ourselves open communication and going above the call of duty.


We work in unison through mutual cooperation and teamwork towards achieving common goals by sharing our ideas and skills. We are willing to replace self-interests with organizational goals to ensure team success.

Personal Growth

We engage in activities that improve self-awareness, develop skills, and promote learning. We take pride in our work to realize our dreams and aspirations.

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."
Henry Ford

Our Strategic Principle

We place a safety net around patients and caregivers every day.™

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