Live Alone Program

Alzheimer’s Community Care is proud to offer the Live Alone Program for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Disorders (ADRD) who live alone.

The Live Alone Program works to promote the independence, quality of life, safety and well-being of
individuals with ADRD, who live alone in hopes of:
– Increasing the potential for the Live Alone to remain safely at home
– Identifying and coordinating an informal network of care partners and support for the Live Alone
– Increasing the opportunity for socialization, cognitive stimulation and connectivity

Benefits & Services:

– Family Nurse Consultant: Quarterly, in-home visits and individualized care plans
– Care Buddy: Regular telephone calls and one-on-one attention from a dementia-specific trained peer
– Resources & Services: Connection to patient-appropriate resources and referred program

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For more information on the Live Alone Program Contact the Manager of the Live Alone Program


- Probable diagnosis of early ADRD or experiencing
the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease
- Live Alone
- Open to any age

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